Master of Sports Administration Degrees

School Level Program
American University
Master Online Master’s in Sports Analytics and Management
100% online, study for careers in performance analytics, interactive spectatorship, more.

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Sport Administration degrees are available on campuses and online at the Masters level. The degree is closely related to the Master of Sport Management degree, but there are some subtle differences.

Graduate degrees in sport administration typically focus their curriculum around more administrative courses, such as scheduling, business, and hands-on courses such as coaching or training. Sport management usually focuses more around people management, team or organization management, and marketing.

Top Online Master's Degrees in Sports Administration

University of Miami's Master of Science in Education Sport Administration

The Master of Science in Education Sport Administration features various sports topics in business, organization, ethics, and kinesiology. There are 10 specific courses that establish the curriculum with no electives. Each course is distributed one at a time online, distributed in 7-week modules, and it takes approximately 20 months to complete.

Specific courses include Principles of Sports Marketing and Advanced Sport Information Management. The entire curriculum is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). Approximately 78 percent of students are applicants from outside of the state of Florida.

Northwestern University's Masters in Sports Administration

The School of Professional Studies features a Master's degree in Sports Administration. The curriculum is divided up into seven main courses, three elective options, and a final project. Students complete their education by showcasing what they have learned throughout, which may feature thesis research.

Elective options feature wide-ranging topics in this program to fully customize their sports administration education. Subjects include NCAA compliance rules, management in the front office, strategy toward sales, sport globalization, and digital media. There is also a specialization available in Sports Analytics which focuses on a data-driven approach toward sports administration with data science and R programming.

School Level Program
American University
Master Online Master’s in Sports Analytics and Management
100% online, study for careers in performance analytics, interactive spectatorship, more.
Winthrop University
Master Online Master of Science in Sport & Fitness Administration
100% online, no test scores required for admission.
East Central University
Master Master of Education in Sports Administration
Prepares professional educators for athletic leadership positions such as head coach or athletic director.

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Most Affordable Master's Degrees in Sports

Arkansas State University's Master of Science in Sport Administration

The Master of Science in Sport Administration offers marketing, management, and leadership skills for a variety of sports-related organizations. This includes directly with teams and athletic departments to stadiums and country clubs. An internship is required in the curriculum across two seven-week modules and is offered in the summer.

36 total credit hours are needed to complete the curriculum, which can be finished in under one year. Up to nine credit hours can be transferred into the program for those already holding compatible education experience. Transfer credit must be approved by the faculty and cannot be older than six years by the time of graduation.

Typical Coursework

Course Description

Sports and Society

This wide-ranging course explores historical impact and theory by sports on society. Topics may feature the social impact that sports has on various age ranges when they participate in organized activities. May emphasize particular impact on demographics such as races and sex, or a broader impact on community in general.

Ethical Issues

Various ethical issues in sports look toward maintaining a fair establishment of competition among organizations. This may explore topics such as drug enhancement, Tile IX, and roster management. Often looks into historical and current issues with teams tampering with other players and cheating that takes place on the field.

Sports Analytics

One of the more recent trends in sports management and administration is the added use of statistical analysis through data science principles. Sports teams are using analytics to improve performance and takes advantage of particular situations based on prior situations and current strengths they have over the opponent. Analytics are also used in contract negotiations and maximizing player engagement.

Sports Communication

A common course for students pursuing a sports business degree that emphasizes both verbal and written communication. This soft skill is mandatory for professionals to work with others collaboratively and to contribute to marketing and public relations needs. Communication skills are valuable to connect teams together and sending messages on different platforms, whether that is within the front office or across to the community.

Management and Leadership

Many graduate programs, especially with a business or management discipline, will offer courses that emphasize management and leadership within an organization. These courses explore historical aspects of leadership and theory on power dynamics. Also may look at structure, conflicts, labor relations, and diversity.

Sport Administration Career Pathways and Job Opportunities

There are many positions that only require a Bachelor’s degree in sports management and administration. However, adding a Master’s degree is beneficial for those that have studied at the undergraduate level in a different discipline. It is also helpful when improving prospects and they are looking to move in a more specialized position.

Positions that require at least a Master’s degree and a specific amount of post-graduate experience is reserved for medical and psychological positions. Specific requirements vary based on the state that the individual is required to gain a license in. It is also important to consider if the curriculum for the Master’s degree is applicable to licensure requirements.


A kinesiotherapist specifically helps athletes get past injuries with exercise procedure and physical therapy. This includes helping with an athlete’s mental mindset when they face any setbacks or doubts in the process. Improving mental health is also vastly important for any long-term injuries. Kinesiotherapists may get employment with completion of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Sports Psychologist

The importance of a sports-based psychologist is determining how someone’s mind and thought process connects with their athletic ability. They must demonstrate advanced skills in critical thinking, communication, data analysis and research, and understanding common injuries and treatments. These roles can be specifically with a team’s training staff or in a medical facility.

Sports Marketing Director

One of the top positions in marketing that manages how a particular sports product is advertised and often makes the final decisions that impacts campaigns. They must have a strong understanding of the industry and what they represent, whether that is particular franchise or event venue. Other skills include making negotiations, working with teams on marketing and advertising strategies, and managing various projects.