Sport Marketing Degrees

Methodist University  Online Bachelor's in Marketing
Methodist University (Online)
Part-time and full-time options, prepare for a career in marketing, digital advertising, market research, and more.
✓ Currently taking 2023 applications
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Sports Marketing is the communication and brand engagement of a sports organization that supports economic development. Graduates with a Sports Marketing degree are experts at generating excitement in the community and communicating with the media. Online Bachelor’s and Online Masters degrees in this field develop student’s understanding of marketing strategies and resources.

Are there online Sport Marketing programs?

Yes, there are plenty of online Sport Marketing degree programs that allow students to hone their marketing skills at a schedule and pace that best fits their needs. Multiple levels are even available.

School Level Program
Methodist University
Bachelor Online Bachelor's in Marketing
Part-time and full-time options, prepare for a career in marketing, digital advertising, market research, and more.
University of West Alabama
Bachelor Online BBA in Marketing with an emphasis in Sport Marketing
Take an interdisciplinary approach to program delivery, including sports, business, and communications courses. This emphasis will provide introductory information for promoting and advertising sports teams, tournaments, games, and events.
Campbellsville University
Masters Online BS in Sport Management: Sport Marketing Track
100% online, 8 week courses. Specific track in Sport Marketing.
Arizona State University
Bachelor Online Bachelor of Arts in Business - Sports Business
Take coursework on the business and management side of the sports industry to learn how to work with leagues, collegiate athletics, media, venues, retailers and more.
American University
Master Online Master’s in Sports Analytics and Management
100% online, study for careers in performance analytics, interactive spectatorship, more.
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Are there online Sport Marketing Bachelors programs?

Yes, online Bachelor's degrees in Sports Marketing strive to give students a specialized learning experience while using their flexible schedule to gain experience in their field of choice.

Are there online Sport Marketing Masters programs?

Yes, online Masters programs in Sports Marketing or Sports Communications are well-regarded throughout the sports industry as they allow students to pursue internships or other work opportunities while meeting academic responsibilities.

Are there COSMA or accredited programs in Sports Marketing?

Yes. COSMA and NASSM accreditations are specific to Sports Administration degrees, however, many Sports Marketing degrees are actually areas of concentrations within a Sports Administration program.

Top 5 COSMA (or other accredited) Sport Marketing programs, updated for 2023

#1 Full Sail University-Sports Marketing

One of the few degrees tailored towards only Sports Marketing, Full Sail University offers an online Bachelor's in Sports Marketing and Media that specializes in marketing strategies in sport. Courses include social media strategy, vocal training, sport business models, and sports event management. Full Sail also offers a Bachelor's in in Sportscasting that specializes in sports broadcast journalism. Courses in this program feature vocal training, advanced broadcast technology, and new media tools. Both programs feature the Sports Lab that students can access virtually through trainings and workshops. The campus also has many live-studios and entertainment venues that online students have the opportunity to work or intern for during the year. There are no admissions requirements to this program.

The Bachelor's in Sport Marketing and Media will cost students $68,000 total and the Bachelor's in Sportscasting will also cost students $68,000 total. Included in the price of tuition is a Project Launchbox that includes Adobe and other marketing software as well as studio lab fees.

#2 Liberty University-Sports Communications and Public Relations

Liberty University is another school that boasts a degree specifically in Sports Marketing. Their online Bachelor's in Sports Communications and Public Relations prepares students to effectively develop relationships with journalists and engage with the surrounding community. This program features courses in communication technology, media strategies, and sports marketing. Many students are able to complete this degree in 3.5 years. There are no admissions requirements. The Bachelor's in Sports Communications and Public Relations will cost non-military students $46,800 total and military students $30,000 total.

Liberty University also offers an online Master's in Sports Marketing. Through this program, students learn advanced media platforms, applicable marketing strategy, brand management, and business strategy. The flexible schedule allows student to pursue internships within their field of choice while completing academic requirements. Admissions requirements include a Bachelor's degree with a cumulative 3.0 GPA. The Master's in Sports Marketing degree will cost non-military students $20,340 total and military students $9,000 total.

School Level Program
University of Florida
Master Master of Science in Sport Management
Ranked number one. Four specializations. Career coaches. Sport powerhouse.
University of West Alabama
Bachelor Online Bachelor's in Sports Management
Prepare for in-demand careers in sports, fitness and athletics, study key topics in kinesiology, athletic administration, exercise physiology, ethics and more.
University of West Alabama
Master Online Master's in Sports Management
In as little as one year, graduate with expertise in analytics, human resource management and administration and advance as a preferred employee in the sport management field.
Concordia University - Saint Paul
Bachelor Online Bachelor’s in Sport Management
100% online program can help you expand into biomechanics, sport and exercise sociology, and kinesiology.
Methodist University
Bachelor Online Bachelor's in Exercise & Sport Science
Application fee waived. Part-time and full-time options. Courses in nutrition, injuries, strength & conditioning, and health promotion.
Ohio University
Masters Online Master of Sports Administration
21 month program, GRE/GMAT not required. COSMA Accredited.
East Central University
Bachelor Online Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
100% online, 80 hour practicum. Learn and study to work in health, well-being, movement, fitness, research, and more.
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#3 University of Northwestern Ohio-Sport Marketing and Management

The University of Northwestern Ohio offers an online Bachelor's in Sport Marketing and Management degree that is ideal for students who want to transition between operations and Sport Marketing roles. This program offers courses in event management, media communications and strategies, advanced media technologies, services marketing, and sport marketing. There is also two internship requirements that allow students to earn credit for gaining real-world experience in their career of choice with local and national sport organizations. Students also develop a strong business foundation as part of the management portion of their degree, taking courses in economics, psychology, and budgeting. The only admissions requirement is a high school diploma or GED.

A Bachelor's in Sport Marketing and Management from the University of Northwestern Ohio will cost students $49,500 total.


#4 University of North Florida-Sports Management with a Sports Marketing Minor

Another opportunity to learn the business side of sports alongside a Sports Marketing expertise is at the University of North Florida. UNF offers an online Bachelor's in Sports Management with a minor in Sport Marketing. This program offers business foundations such as economics, finance, and statistics. The Sport Marketing minor includes courses such as principles of marketing, professional selling, consumer behavior, digital marketing, and fundraising and development. Students also must complete 4 semesters of an internship with UNF partners such as the Jacksonville Jaguars, the PGA, and over 40 other sports organizations across the country and globe. This allows students to gain applicable experience in their field of choice while gaining mentorship and networking opportunities. Students must have at least a 2.0 GPA to apply to the program.

A Bachelor's in Sport Management from the University of Florida will cost in-state students $21,042 and out-of-state students $78,657 total.


#5 Wilmington University-Sports Management with a Sports Media Certificate

Wilmington University offers an online Bachelor's in Sports Management degree that features the opportunity to earn a Sports Media certificate. This is a great option for those interested in Sport Marketing as it helps students learn the business of sport while also developing expertise in advance media strategy, media technology, and consumer engagement. The certificate offers a tangible medium to showcase students' communication and brand management skills to future employers. The certificate can be completed in conjunction with the Bachelor's in Sports Management or as a separate academic program. The Bachelor's also has two internship experiences built-in as practicums, giving students applicable skills in a field of their interest. Admissions requirements into the Bachelor's program includes a high school diploma or GED. Admissions requirements for the certificate alone include a Bachelor's from an accredited institution.

The Bachelor's in Sports Management at Wilmington University costs non-military students $46,800 total and military students $30,000 total. The Sport Media Certificate alone costs non-military students $5,850 and military students $3,750 total.


Typical curriculum for Sport Marketing courses

Principles of Marketing

A foundational course in any Sports Marketing degree is Principles of Marketing. This course includes an introduction to marketing terms and definitions, as well as typical tools and resources used in the field. Principles of Marketing courses can be applied to any marketing role, therefore, is a versatile course to showcase to future employers to show adaptability. In sport, it highlights that Sport Marketing graduates understand the core principles of marketing in order to best serve their future clients.


Another core course of any Sports Marketing degree is an Economics course. Since Sport Marketing typically works closely with the Finance and Accounting department, having an understanding of introductory economic principles helps with designing marketing strategy and working in a multidisciplinary team. Economics teaches students concepts such as supply and demand, investment, and scarcity. This foundational knowledge poises Sports Marketing students to return to the larger goal of their role, which is oftentimes fundraising and economic development.


Sport Marketing graduates typically have strong writing and communication skills intuitively, however, Communications classes develop and formalize those skills. Communications courses teach students how to develop strong relationships with journalists, disseminate information from their organizations, and engage with the consumer base. Having a expertise in communication strategy can position Sport Marketing graduates to act as a consultant for their organization on complicated issues, as well as prevent those issues from arising in the first place.

New Media Strategy

Sometimes referred to as “Digital Media,” or even “Social Media,” a New Media strategy course ensures Sport Marketing graduates are on the cutting edge of the latest technological mediums to communicate and manage their brands with. Understanding how to use and thrive on new mediums helps Sport Marketing graduates develop innovative marketing strategies and stay relevant within their consumer base. This another course that can be adapted to many types of sport organizations, as new media is an integral part of every brand’s presence.

Consumer Behavior

As the main responsibility of a Sports Marketing graduate is oftentimes economic development, it is important for courses such as Consumer Behavior to teach students foundational concepts of economic psychology. This course typically covers how and why consumers make decisions about buying or disposing of goods and services. In a sport organization, that can translate into ticket sales, season ticket members, merchandise sales, and overall fan turnout. It is important for Sport Marketing graduates to apply these concepts when designing marketing strategies.

What jobs or careers could you have with a degree in Sport Marketing?

Director of Communications

As the Director of Communications, a Sports Marketing graduate utilizes their expertise in media strategy to oversee all of the moving parts of the communication team of an organization. This includes having the final say on social media strategy, communications with journalists, and fan engagement. Those in this role typically have much experience in balancing many different opinions, organizing many people, and delegating when necessary. A Sports Marketing graduate is excellent for this position because of their experience working with a wide variety of departments within a sporting organization, they have been able to develop relationships with many different people.

Development Coordinator

A Development Coordinator is an experienced Sports Marketing graduate that oversees all economic development for a sport organizations. This individual has demonstrated excellent marketing strategy with proven results that allows them to act as a consult and final decision maker in new marketing developments. They approve and coordinate all marketing committees. The Development Coordinator also has usually developed strong partnerships with brands and leaders within the community in order to execute events and other projects. They have outstanding communication and organizational skills.

Ticket Sales

An excellent entry-level position for Sports Marketing graduates, Ticket Sales associates and those involved in the ticket sales department utilize their marketing expertise for a highly specific goal. Ticket Sales associates are responsible for not only generating new sales, but also for maintaining current season ticket holders. This requires excellent communication skills and passion for engaging with new people. Those who succeed in Ticket Sales often have the opportunity to move into other positions within a sports organization as they continue to show dedication to marketing strategy and engaging with historical and potential consumers.

Social Media Specialist

Another entry-level position for recent Sports Marketing graduates is a Social Media Specialist. Utilizing their expertise of the digital media landscape, the Social Media Specialist can adapt to new trends and communicate regularly with the consumer base directly. They often have the responsibility of scheduling, designing, editing, and engaging with each social media post on many different platforms. This means Sports Marketing graduates show their adaptability to new mediums and technologies while still pursuing the overarching goal of economic development. A Social Media Specialist that shows innovation and creativity can oftentimes transition into new roles on the communications or development teams as opportunities arise.

Merchandising Coordinator

For Sports Marketing Graduates who enjoy working with tangible product, the role of Merchandising Coordinator is an ideal position. Merchandise is a massive source of economic development for sports teams and the Merchandising Coordinator will often help design, source, and market merchandise. This means they often engage with consumers to understand trends as well as with the team and coaches to collaborate on design. Merchandising Coordinators have a strong understanding of economics, inventory tracking, and consumer behavior. They utilize these skills to plan and execute merchandise roll-outs, sales, and giveaways. If Sports Marketing graduates also have a creative or artistic side, this can be a great position that combines market strategy with product design.