Florida Sports Degrees

Florida has one of the largest networks of Sport Management related degree programs in the entire country. With over 30 Bachelor degrees in sports and over 20 graduate or postgraduate programs and curriculum to choose from, there is certain to be one that suits the career and professional goals of every prospective student. The Master of Sport Management degree is one of the more popular degree programs in Florida.

School Level Program
University of West Florida
Bachelor Online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
100% online, become an occupational therapist, nutritionist or physician assistant with further education.
University of West Florida
Bachelor Online Master of Movement Sciences & Health – Physical Education and Sports Performance
Two specializations: Exercise Science, and Physical Education and Sports Performance.

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Are there online Sport Management degrees in Florida?

Yes, there are a number of online sport management degrees available at Florida campuses. Florida has universities with online Bachelors of Sport Management degrees, as well as online Masters in Sport Management programs and online Master of Sport Administration degree programs.

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In Depth Review of the Best Online Bachelor of Sport Management Degrees in Florida

University of Miami - Online B.S.Ed. in Sport Administration

There are several things that set Miami apart and put this program at the top of this list. The Sport Administration major is a 42 credit hour program and falls under the Department of Kinesiology. However, the curriculum also requires a course in public speaking. Students are also required to meet a foreign language component, which is not necessarily the case at all schools. Like many places, though, field experience and internships are an essential component of the program.

The Kinesiology department ensures active engagement in helping place students in visible sports settings and appropriate environments to acquire the relevant competencies and pragmatic hands-on experiences that are necessary for success in the next step of their careers. These required internships account for 9 credit hours, but only upon successful completion of all other coursework for the Sport Administration Major.

The last thing that likely sets Miami apart is the fact that a minor (though it can be in any field) is also required. A Business minor is highly suggested to complement the Sport Administration core. After graduating from the undergraduate program, students can consider earning a campus or online Master of Sport Administration degree.


University of North Florida - Online B.S. in Sport Management

The Sport Management Program at UNF, accredited by COSMA, is reflective of the fast-paced and growing sports industry. Like so many others, the program provides an academic foundation in sport management for application in a variety of sports settings. The Sport Management major is appropriate for candidates who seek careers in all realms of sport business, but also in sport entrepreneurship.

Situated near the ocean in Jacksonville, UNF has reputable relationships with organizations such as the Jacksonville Jaguars and the PGA Tour, among many others that give students a premiere internship experience. UNF also houses a comprehensive Sport Data Analytics Lab which not only measures on-field effectiveness metrics related to individual and team performance, but also has the tools to dig into team valuation, consumer behavior, and marketing campaign effectiveness.


Jacksonville University - B.B.A. in Sport Business

Also, and likely obviously, located in sunny Jacksonville, JU's B.B.A. in Sport Business has a heavier emphasis on the core business principles than many programs. Students earning their B.B.A. with JU are prepared to enter the industry at a variety of levels including community, scholastic, collegiate, and professional positions and will have completed courses not only in marketing, facilities, and ethics in sports but also in business strategy and management.


Nova Southeastern University - On-Campus B.S.B.A. in Sport & Recreation Management

This on-campus program provides one of the most "real world" focused program of any in the country. With 100+ corporate partnerships used for guest speaking, internship and career placement, and case studies - Nova Southeastern boasts a flexible program in both length of terms (both 8 and 16 week class segments are available to students) and degree acquisition in that students can choose to dual enroll and earn both their undergraduate B.S.B.A. as well as an M.B.A. in the standard four-year time-frame through the Huizenga Business Innovation Academy.

Post-graduate exposure and resources abound as Nova also hosts a Career in Sports Lecture Series, which they co-host with the Miami Dolphins featuring a panel of experts who specialize in topics such as athletics, fitness and performance, NFL team management, training, and sports marketing.


In Depth Review of the Best Online Masters in Sport Management Degrees in Florida

University of Florida - Online M.S. in Sport Management

This program is unique in both its number and the unique nature of its specialization options. Students have four choices: Athlete Development where the physiological and psychological impacts of being an athlete are studied to help maximize production and performance (this specialization also constitutes preparation for certification through the Professional Association of Athlete Development Specialist), High Performance Coaching which includes courses like Training the Athlete and What Drives Winning Teams and is ideal for those interested in managerial coaching positions or a career in athletic administration, Sport Law which focuses on advanced knowledge of the legal principles that govern the sport industry and is excellent preparation for compliance gigs, and, finally, the very specific Director of Racquet Sports specialization specifically designed to prepare graduates to become certified Directors of Racquet Sports through the United States Professional Tennis Association.


Saint Leo University - Online M.B.A. - Sport Business Concentration

The primary goal of the Saint Leo Online M.B.A. with a concentration in sport business is to meet the needs of an active sport business professional. The curriculum is designed to provide core M.B.A. courses heavily supplemented with specialized courses that apply core business concepts to the sport industry landscape. While online programs are inherently flexible, Saint Leo has a reputation for promoting an environment of flexibility particularly towards their heavy military population.

One course that stands out at Saint Leo is their Human Capital for Organizational Performance course - an advanced introduction to theories and issues related to the study of human behavior in work organizations. Most programs approach this from a management theory standpoint; this focus on industrial and organizational behavior is a unique one! Another aspect of Saint Leo's program that differs slightly from others and may be a differentiator for some students, is the internship credits being optional. While strongly suggested if you have no work experience in sports, it's not a requirement. This is great news for students who may just be using the program to enhance their resume or strengthen their case for a raise or promotion in their existing sport industry position.

While the M.B.A. includes 21 credits of business courses, with approval, students may choose up to two specializations to pursue concurrently throughout the program, which can be completed in as little as 1 or as many as 5 years depending on your desired speed. Besides Sport Business, the other specializations to choose from include Marketing, Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Social Media, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Data Analytics, Healthcare Management, and Cyber Security.


University of Central Florida - On-Campus M.S.B.A. in Sport Business Management

If you are a resident of Florida, UCF is an outstanding option for on-campus studies. Further, it's extremely affordable for in-state students, coming in at just $370 per credit hour, compared to the much higher non-resident rate of nearly $1,200 per credit. Designed to be collaborative in nature, students enter and navigate the program with a cohort of fellow graduate students. More than most, UCF also places a significant emphasis on diversity in the workplace across all their programs.

In 2019, Sport Business International named the DeVos Program at UCF as a top 10 graduate degree in sport business. Even more recently, UCF was also named a 2022 Most Innovative college according to U.S. News and World Reports.


St. Thomas University - On-Campus J.D./M.S. or J.D./M.B.A. in Sports Administration

While most programs in sport business have arrived on the scene within the last 10-15 years, St. Thomas University started the first Sports Administration undergraduate program in the entire nation back in 1973. This dual degree program offered on-campus is arguably the most rigorous option. Rightfully so, as graduates will leave campus with both a graduate level degree in sport business as well as their Juris Doctor. This program, then, is more targeted to students seeking to become Compliance Directors, Athletic Directors, or Agents requiring vast legal knowledge. IN 2019 the program at St. Thomas was ranked in the top 15% of Most Focused Business Administration degrees by College Factual


Associate and Bachelors Sport Degrees in Florida

University Degree Program Accreditation
Barry University B.S. in Sport Management
Flagler College Bachelor's in Sport Management
Florida International University BS in Recreation & Sport Management
Florida Southern College Bachelor's in School of Business - Sport Management
Florida State University Bachelor of Science in Sport Management
Full Sail University Online Sports Marketing and Media Bachelor of Science Degree
Full Sail University Sports Marketing and Media Bachelor of Science
Jacksonville University Online B.S. in Sport Business
Jacksonville University B.S. in Sport Business
Johnson and Wales University (Miami, FL) Bachelor's in Sports/Entertainment/Event Management
Keiser University - College of Golf
Lynn University B.S. in Sports Management
Nova Southeastern University B.S.B.A. in Sport & Recreation Management
Saint Leo University Online B.A. in Sport Business
Saint Leo University B.A. in Sport Business
Saint Leo University Bachelor of Arts, Sport Business
Southeastern University B.S. in Sport Management
St. Thomas University BA or BBA in Sport Administration
Stetson University B.B.A. in Sport Business
University of Central Florida Bachelor's in Sports & Fitness
University of Florida Bachelor of Science in Sport Management
University of Miami Online B.S.Ed. in Sport Administration
University of Miami B.S.Ed. in Sport Administration
University of North Florida Online B.S. in Sport Management
University of North Florida B.S. in Sport Management
University of North Florida Bachelor of Science, Sport Management
University of Tampa B.S. in Sport Management
University of Tampa Bachelor of Science in Sport Management
University of West Florida Bachelor's in Health, Leisure & Exercise Science - Sport Management
Warner University B.A. in Sports Management
Webber International University B.S. in Sport Management

Graduate: Doctorate and Masters Sport Degrees in Florida

University Degree Program Accreditation
Barry University M.S. in Sport Management
Florida International University MS in Recreation & Sport Management
Florida State University Doctor of Philosophy in Sport Management
Florida State University Master of Science in Sport Management
Jacksonville University Online Master of Education with a concentration of Sport Management & Leadership
Jacksonville University Online Master of Science in Sport Management
Jacksonville University Master of Science in Sport Management
Lynn University MBA with a Sports and Athletics Administration
Nova Southeastern University M.B.A. with a concentration in Sport Revenue
Saint Leo University Online Master of Business Administration - Sport Business Concentration
Saint Leo University Master of Business Administration with Sport Business Concentration
Southeastern University MBA with a concentration in Sport Management
St. Thomas University JD/MS or JD/MBA in Sports Administration
St. Thomas University MS or MBA in Sports Administration
University of Central Florida Master's in Sport Business Management
University of Florida Juris Doctor/Sport Management
University of Florida Master of Science in Sport Management
University of Miami Online M.S. Ed. in Sport Administration
University of Miami M.S. Ed. in Sport Administration
University of North Florida Online M.Ed. in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Athletic Administration
University of North Florida Online MBA in Sport Management
University of North Florida Online Sport Management Graduate Certificate
University of North Florida MBA in Sport Management
Webber International University MBA - Sport Business Management

Top Organizations for Sports in Florida

Florida Recreation and Park Association

The FRPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, preserving, and advocating for the Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Services profession. Originally organized in 1942 and incorporated in 1983, the Association is directed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and an Executive Office based in Tallahassee. The Mission of the Florida Recreation and Park Association is states as “to establish parks and recreation as a cornerstone of health, economic development, environmental sustainability, and community throughout the State of Florida.”
Source Website

Top Florida Professional Sports Teams

Florida is home to a bustling landscape in the realm of professional sports. Amongst the 5 most popular leagues alone (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS) the state is home to these 13 teams; not including their female counterparts!


  • Miami Dolphins
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Jacksonville Jaguars


  • Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Florida Panthers


  • Florida Marlins
  • Tampa Bay Rays


  • Miami Heat
  • Orlando Magic


  • Inter Miami
  • Orlando City
  • Miami Fusion
  • Tampa Bay Mutiny

From internships while still enrolled in a degree program to full-time work, each of these teams has a large team working tirelessly behind the scenes. From concessions and merchandise sales associates, to sponsorship sales, game-day promotions, fan experience and equipment management, to sports information, directors of operations, turf crews, and a full C suite of financial and strategy gurus, each of these teams runs with a full corporate structure similar to many other, more traditional, corporations.

A Career in Sports in Florida

Florida has beautiful scenery and a mild year-round climate, it’s easy to see why sports (and professions within them) are continuing to grow and thrive. While these numbers may seem low in comparison to some of the other states, it’s important to remember what a popular retirement destination the state is which plays a hand in skewing the otherwise optimistic career outlook. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are roughly the number of employees currently working within sectors tied to sports business and their mean salary. These numbers, of course, vary widely by company or team and level of work and experience.

  • Entertainment and Recreation Management – 25,000 at $102,000
  • Athlete Agents and Managers – 500 at $85,000
  • Facilities Managers – 16,000 at $93,000
  • Marketing and Advertising Managers – 13,000 at $120,000
  • Coaches and Scouts – 10,000 at $45,000
  • Media and Communications – 1,000 at $44,000
  • Sourced from the BLS

What About a Career in Florida Collegiate Athletics?

Florida is also a hotbed of collegiate athletics programs. At the NCAA Division 1 level alone, there are 13 big name schools in the state including the University of Florida, Florida State, Miami, Florida Atlantic, Jacksonville, etc. Whether it’s an internship at the school for which you attend or a full-time position after graduation, there are always programs looking for an extra set of hands. Often times in collegiate athletics, you gain experience across the board, regardless of job title.

A Sports Information Director may have primary responsibility to report on Women’s Lacrosse, for example, but might also run point on a camera for an ESPN Men’s Basketball livestream, enter stats for a Baseball game, or supervise a group of student workers at a Volleyball game. Collegiate athletics is a great place to get your feet wet in the industry and get an inside look at several different departments that you may want to specialize in in the future.